Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Nabeela Shah Murder case Trial

Qadir Magsi, the main nominee of in the Nabeela Shah murder case appeared here in session court Khairpur for trial on jan 9th, 2005. Latter the court adjourned till February 03, 2005.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Nabeela's Murder Confirmed

THATTA, March 21: The body of a Sindhi literary figure, Nabeela Shah (27), was identified by her relatives who visited Edhi centre and a police station here on Saturday.The victim had been missing since May 29, 1996, and her father, Syed Naseer Hussain Shah, at a recent news conference at Hyderabad Press Club, had alleged that Dr Qadir Magsi, chairman of the Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party, was involved in the affair. He had claimed that she had gone with Dr Magsi when he visited her home in Khairpur on May 28, 1996, and that her whereabouts were not known since then.Dr Magsi and other STPP leaders have rejected the allegation, saying the whole story had been concocted to sabotage the party's long march, started on Saturday from Sukkur, and to defame the party chairman.On Saturday, Mr Shah and Ms Nabeela's former husband Mukhtiar Malik, accompanied by some of their relatives, visited Thatta, home town of the STPP chief, after coming to know that the local Edhi centre and police station had been keeping record and belongings of an unidentified woman whose body had been recovered from Kalankot Sim Nali on June 20, 1996.The Edhi centre staff showed them a photograph of the woman's body, and her relatives identified her as Nabeela Shah. Later, at the police station's Malkhana, some of her belongings, including clothes and ornaments, were shown to the bereaved who recognized the same.The police and Edhi centre records showed that the woman had been strangulated at least seven days before the recovery of her body from the watercourse. The body remained at the mortuary of the Edhi centre for three days before it was buried as 'unclaimed' at the Moach Goth graveyard, on the outskirts of Karachi.Nabeela Shah was mother of two- a son and a daughter- and had obtained divorce from Mukhtiar Malik, a senior producer at the Radio Pakistan, Khairpur.Naseer Hussain Shah had been maintaining that Dr Magsi had exerted pressure on Mr Malik to divorce her after his daughter was 'brainwashed'. She had become a devoted activist of the STPP and lived with Dr Magsi for long, Mr Shah had claimed.A leader of Sindhi Qaumi Sath, Hafeez Qureshi, and a number of newsmen were accompanying the bereaved duringtheir visit to Thatta. They examined the postmortem report, prepared by Dr Noor Khoja and his staff at the Civil Hospital Maku.A couple of days ago Sindh High Court Chief Justice Wajeehuddin directed the SSPs of Hyderabad and Khairpur to help the woman's father in lodging of an FIR. The directives were issued on a a petition filed by him with the SHC earlier. However, the bereaved have not yet lodged an FIR for the disappearance or murder of Nabeela Shah.

GEO (August 31, 2004) Iftikhar Ahmad interviewed Sindhi nationalist leader of Taraqqi Pasand Party Dr Qadir Magsi in his Jawabdeh programme.He was upset about questions asked about Nabeela Shah, a worker of his party whose father had accused Magsi of having exploited her and killed her in 1996.


This is a blog, dedicated to Nabeela Shah Murder case. Nabeela shah was a political activist in sindh Pakistan. She was brutally mudered by her party top leadership. Through this blog we would like to high light different aspects of her Murder, life and much more.